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Paper Business Cards Are "DEAD"!
They can transmit diseases & are easily lost.
There IS something much BETTER...
Smart Info Cards:
Digital and "Green" Compliant
Interactive and Always Up to Date
Easily Added to the contact section of other people's phones. .
Easy to share - Text it, Email it, QR Code Scan, and SMS. .
Photo Gallery, Social Media Connections, Coupons, Product Catalog, Digital Product Sales & so much more!
Here are just a few samples...
MLP - Demo
Yola Kelln

Personal "Digital" Biz Card

Paid Yearly

1 Basic Fully Customizable Digital Business Card

Monthly Hosting Included

Full Features - Limit 3 pages

Renews Annually

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Premium "DBC" With Video

Paid Yearly

Compared to Monthly - $216

1 Premium 5 Page Digital Business Card With Business Video

Full Features - 5 Pages

Renews Annually

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5 Year Licensed "DBC"

Premium Card - 5 yr. License

1 Premium DBC - 5 Year License

Monthly Hosting

Full Features - 5 Pages

Annual Card Updates

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"Elite" Package

+ $42/Card/Yr Renewal

1 Custom Domain (URL) Branded DBC Package Set Up

Initialization of Company Branded Package

Custom "Robo" Engagement Greeter

Controlled Card Sections

Requires the Purchase of Minimum 50 DBC Pack

Back Office Access With Training Videos

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